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classroom and outdoor activities

  • Energy introduction - what energy is and identifying various types of energy - downloadable worksheets.
  • Mouse / Rat trap cars - a simple one page explanation of how to build a car using basically things you find around the home.
  • Newton's laws of motion
  • rocketry - from alka seltzer rockets to water rockets and beyond. Includes video examples of rocketry and data sheets for printing.
  • Solar Energy - practicals using tilting frames to discover the optimum position in your area to generate power.
  • Sustainability - from definition to recycling of what we often term waste to using nature to build bridges. Videos included.

training / work experience - a hands on approach

  • White Card training - CPCCWHS1001
  • Certificates II in
    • Construction - general
    • Construction -with an emphasis on house painting
    • Construction - paving and stormwater emphasis
  • Work Experience in
    • landscaping, garden design,
    • retaining wall construction,
    • house painting and construction and/or maintenance
youth training and experience
  energy types  

the renewable and non-renewable argument

  • Energy and STEM events
  • World Solar Challenge - Darwin to Adelaide - the preparation, the training, the effect of solar power
  • Clarification of energy types and comparison of each - arguments for and against are given with no bias
  • the Laws of Energy
  • Australian and State Government Energy Saving Tips and/or Aps
  • Biodiesel - the story of the Jatropha bush and the oil it produced to drive a car across - coast to coast of India
  • Tidal power - the Carnegie story from Fremantle. How wave power becomes electricity and also gains fresh water.
  • Wind power - the Danish Wind Association's guided wind tour with Mitchell.

Community outreach
Working with fellow non profit organisations and educators in helping youth become "employment ready" while assisting their community.Some of our work is to:

  • assist in the building of homes for families on low income to achieve their dream of owning their own home
  • assist in Brush With Kindness (Habitats BWK) program, families requiring assistance in maintaining the grounds of their home
  • assist Retirement Villages in the maintenance of their grounds and minor repair work
  • assist Monarto Zoo in a variety of projects from painting to building, to landscaping
  • assist referred families in the external maintenance of their home in It's Okay To Ask ( IOTA ) program
  • run and administers Tasmania's Energy Challenge - working with youth with Human Powered and/or Electrical Vehicles.
community and youth
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last update 7 February, 2015
energising youth to succeed