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Our objectives:

  • To work with educational institutions throughout Australia and comparable groups overseas in the study or promotion of various energy sources and their applications.

  • To provide an educational purpose and value through energy based activities between Member schools, tertiary institutions, corporations or individual Members within Australia.
  • The promotion of learning in new and emerging technologies in the various forms of energy with an emphasis on sustainable energy for all.
  • To foster the transfer and development of curricula in all educational institutions througout Australia.
  • To be a clearing house for the latest information from around the world on sustainable technology.
  • To create, promote and manage events that provide opportunities for young people, and educators, to share their successes.
  • To be active participants in events and opportunities to promote sustainable technologies.
  • To provide and encourage fellowship and interaction between Member schools and tertiary institutions through sharing of curricula, experiences and various events.
  • To promote and manage energy events when member schools or tertiary institutions field combined teams for competition.
what spacer what we are doing

The association is involved in:
  • Bridging the gap between schools and tertiary education
  • Publication of energy and relevant material
  • School visits
  • Energy Fairs
  • Exhibitions and Field Days
  • STEM Based Competitions:
    • World Solar Challenge
    • Pedal Prix and Hybrid development
    • Rocketry
    • Rat Trap Racing
    • Sustainable Landscapes
    • Garden Design
  • The carbon cycle
  • Working with Australian, state, local government, tertiary bodies and corporations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical projects.
  • Working with overseas universities and groups informing youth of current and proposed trends around the world

Kelly the Solar Car departing
Darwin's, NT Parliament in
2009 World Solar Challenge
driven by a then Year 11 student on
his P's..

A similar image went around
the world courtesy of The
Washington Post and
AFP/Getty Images

what spacer what we hope to achieve

How often have you heard the phrase "Australia the lucky country"? But is that phrase true for all today? Our youth rely on older Australians guiding them wisely in their senior school subject selection but in many cases we fail them. Too many students drop mathematics and science at senior secondary school claiming the subject is too hard or it's boring.

To help alleviate the decline we offer a practical hands on approach, encouraging students to take a greater interest in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Our ultimate goal is to see Australian students using the STEM skills by eventually filling Australian positions in:

  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Health
  • Horticulture
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and other allied positions

We acknowledge that Australia needs a balance of trade and professional people. Our youth need to be encouraged to step up and be given that chance. Are you prepared to help us help them?

If you are willing, then let's talk!

0419 804 475

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