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There are several types of membership available:
If interested, please click the appropriate application form that meets your criteria.
If you prefer to view the structure of the association before you make your choice - click here.

Schools, TAFE Institutions,
Registered Training Organisations
(often called RTO's) and Universities

Institutional Application

As an identity the institution is the actual member. Each school principal or equivalent (referred to as Executive Officer) in each institution then has the right to nominate two staff members to represent his/her institution in all matters before the association whether at the board or committee level.
While only two staff from each member institution have that right to vote, as many staff from the institution can participate and be members on various committees as desired.

Staff of an educational institution who wish to be a member in their own right can apply to the Board for Full Membership - they cannot represent their institution in matters before the association.
Students attending an educational institution that is not a financial member of Energy Education Australia or who wish to be a member in their own right can apply to the EEA Board for Student Membership. Conditions apply.


Corporations and Individuals are most welcome to join and can be fully immersed Australia wide or be involved assisting their own state or territory branch. The cost for membership is the same as educational institutions but Non Educational members do not have the right to vote at any meeting concerning the Energy Education Australia Board unless they were duly voted in at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting of the association. Non Educational members who are not elected Board Members have the right to be members of committees, vote in matters concerning committees and be actively engaged in all of the association's activities.
Individuals who share our passion for assisting youth can apply to the EEA Board for membership.


All members are required to meet Police Checks in their respective state or teritory as a condition of membership. Since the year 2000, CRIMTRAC, a Federal Government Department works with each state and territory authority towards all National Police Clearances. For further CRIMTRAC information click here or for your state or territory clearance application - click here for State/Territory Checks. Members are also required to follow the association's Child Protection Policy - click here to view it.

Volunteers also need to understand the Australian Work, Health and Safety legislation as it applies to Volunteer Associations. For Australia's Volunteer WH&S information - click here. Under the Act, Energy Education Australia Inc is an "Association".

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